Google rarely talks in public about the Android Wear plat3form, a platform that has remained almost the same in the last two years.

Actually, very few things changed on the hardware side as well because there still is a single dedicated chipset: the W2100 from Qualcomm, and the manufacturer doesn’t seem interested in upgrading the chipset. There is however the possibility for Google to try to refresh the platform through a rebranding, by renaming the platform into Wear OS, which will most likely make its debut along with Android P.

Google already refers to Android Wear as Wear OS in the Android P Developer Preview version, the clock shaped logo being now replaced with a W. It is not the only rebranding Google has been planning lately. Android Pay has received a similar treatment in the last few months and it has been transformed into Android Pay, while Google Wallet has become Google Pay Send.

Most likely, at the Google I/O event in May of this year, Google will talk about Android P and the news that will bring, an Google will most likely also reveal the official name it will bear. The new Wear OS will also might make its debit, which might bring interface improvements, new features for wearable devices and most likely improvements to manage the battery more efficiently.

It is a bit too soon to talk about the Wear OS and the new features it might bring, but it’s curious that Google has decided to remove the “Android” name from the platform created for wearable devices. This move might suggest that Wear OS might become more independent than Android Wear, and it might work without a smartphone, or it might work with smartphones that are running on other operating systems.


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