Even if the Windows operating system remains more popular for computers, and increasing number of users who access the Internet using a smartphone or a tablet has transformed Android into the most popular operating system used by people to go online.

From 80% market share in 2012, Windows dropped in March of 2017 below Android, reflecting users’ preference of using mobile devices to access the Internet instead of using desktop computers and laptops.

With over 1 billion new Android devices delivered every year, reported to no more than 200 million Windows computers, Microsoft’s perspectives are not at all good. Maybe the stats provided by StatCounter would have been different if Microsoft’s efforts to create an ecosystem around the Windows 10 Mobile operating system wouldn’t have been a miserable failure.

The stats published by StatCounter was generated based on stats provided by 2.5 million websites accessed through a web browser, without considering the apps that allow Internet access and this explains why Apple iOS is ranked lower.



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