Companies specialized in building Android phones are in a hurry to copy the iPhone X in order to provide the same features on the mobile phones they are working on now.

The iPhone X came as a huge surprise for Android manufacturers, Face iD being something they did not expect and it seems that they are actively working on copying the feature as soon as possible. According to news from Asia, Android manufacturers already started to copy the Face ID feature and they are planning to copy the software but also the TrutDepth camera technology.

Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei are the first companies that will integrate TrueDepth cameras into their own mobile phones and their will do it in 2018. Apple partners who built TrueDepth cameras for iPhone X might be contracted by Chinese manufacturers to copy the functionality of the iPhone X.

As a paradox, Qualcomm will build these 3D cameras for the Chinese, and this despite working on a fingerprint reader integrated in the screen. It seems that this technology is far from being offered, otherwise Android manufacturers would not be so decisive in copying the Face ID technology.

iPhone X is just part of the “Face ID” magic offered by the TrueDepth camera, the other part being provided by the software and the challenge here is bigger. It’s well known the fact that Apple develops better software than Android manufacturers and in the end the difference will be made by the way the Face ID copy will work.


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