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For a long time now Apple has been trying to make app developers to update their apps to be compatible with 64 bits processors that were introduced with the release of the iPhone 5S smartphone. However, 8% of all iOS apps that are currently available in the Apple App Store are not compatible. This means that Apple’s efforts are in vain as app developers are not listening.

It seems that after the release of iOS 11, almost 190,000 apps will become useless, according to Sensor Tower. This because Apple will stop the support for apps developed for 32 bits processors as soon as iOS 11 gets released.

Although the 64 bits processors were introduced in September of 2013, Apple has started to tell app developers to provide support for the architecture only in 2015, precisely in June of 2015.

This is however not a reason for major concern as most apps that will be affected are apps that are very old, apps abandoned by their developers, but there also are a few popular ones.

Apple is not sitting around doing nothing as the company has started to clean up the App Store last year by deleting 47,000 apps from the store, apps that were very old and obsolete.


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