alexander skarsgard and armie hammer

Universal Pictures wants to put classics back on the big screen and the studio is going to reboot The Invisible Man, a movie now in pre-production and the cast is about to be finalized.

After last week it was rumored that Armie Hammer ( Man from U.N.C.L.E. ) is considered for the leading role, now we see that Alexander Skarsgard ( True Blood ) is also considered.

The two actors are being considered for the role of Adrian Griffin, described as billionaire who got his fortune by creating an invisible suit for the Department of Defense.

Actress Elisabeth Moss ( Mad Men, The Handmaid’s Tale ) was already cast in the movie. She will play the role of Cecilia Kass.

“The Invislbe Man” is a reboot of the classic 1993 movie. The story, inspired by the novel of H.G. Wells focuses on doctor Griffin, a chemist that discovers the secret of invisibility and, without a solution is turn himself visible again, decides to use his ability to control people.

Initially, the main role was offered to actor Johnny Depp but he dropped out of the project. The script is written by Leigh Whannell ( Saw, Insidious ). The production of the new The Invisible Man will start in May of this year.




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