Besides all security measures that are in place when flying you might have to go through one more before boarding a plane.

Based on an initiative by a British start-up, airlines might begin to weigh their passengers before boarding the plane.

The company that started this whole thing is named Fuel Martrix. This initiative might help airlines to know the precise weight of the cargo planes would carry.

Also, this might help airlines reduce costs however there are also some environmental concerns.

Currently the weight estimates are 88 kgs for men and 70 kgs for women, according to the European Aviation Safety Agency. However, knowing the precise weight of all passengers would allow the plane to be fueled with the precise quantity of fuel it needs. This would help the airline save money and would also reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

The idea is for passengers to be weigh in a very discrete manner. Airlines might use pressure sensitivity surfaces when you check in your bags. The weighing process might also happen when you go through the security checkpoint.

The data about the weight of the passengers is to be safely managed and protected, so everything will be kept confidential. The information will be saved the same way facial recognition data is being protected by the GDPR.

The technology is not yet implemented by the start-up is working on partnerships with airports from the United Kingdom, for starters.

The idea of weighing passengers is not new. Studies showed that in the United Kingdom most British people agree with a similar system, however the study focused on a system that would have passengers pay the plane ticket based on their weight.


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