Airbnb announced that the company wants to vet all rental ads published on the Airbnb platforms to make sure they are real. This announcement comes after five people were killed in a California home that was rented on AirBnb. The event happened during Halloween.

Airbnb’s Brian Chesky made assurances that Airbnb’s policy is to “100% vet all rentals published on the platform” which means that the identity of all hosts will be verified. Airbnb will also make sure that the photos and details of the homes listed for rent on AirBnb are valid and they comply with security measures.

On October 31, five people were killed and multiple others were wounded by gunshots fired during a Halloween party attended by more than 100 guests in a home rented on AirBnb in Orinda, California.

However the new AirBnb vetting process does not require Airbnb staff to travel hundreds of miles to the locations listed on the AirBnb platform. Airbnb will request more detailed information about hosts. Guests will be asked to provide more details about the homes they rented.

AirBnb said that homes that comply with Airbnb new’s standards will be clearly labeled and starting with December 15, 2019, if a guest complains about the fact that a rented location does not comply with the ad, the guest will receive a refund or a similar alternative will be provided.

At the end of last week, 48 hours after the five people were killed in Orinda, California, Brian Chesky announced that AirBnb made the decision of banning parties in homes rented from AirBnb but many were skeptical that this measure can be applied in real life as long as nobody really checks in on guests while they are spending time in homes they rent on AirBnb.


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