Actress Cameron Diaz has decided to retire from acting. She is one of the biggest female Hollywood celebrities and she starred in many critically acclaimed movies such as Charlie’s Angels, There’s Something About Mary, and others. Even so, Cameron Diaz decided to retire from acting in order to focus on her private life.

The beautiful 45 years old actress decided that she’s done with Hollywood and doesn’t have plans to return on the big screen, according to her very good friend, actress Selma Blair. She decided she wants to focus on her private life and on her marriage to Benji Madden, who is 39 years old.

At a party after the Oscar Awards, Selma Blair said: ” I took lunch with Cameron Diaz yesterday and we discussed about the movie. I would have liked a scene with her, but she retired from acting. She doesn’t need to make other movies, she has a wonderful life now. I don’t know what it takes to make Cameron return to acting” Selma Blair said.

And if we look at Cameron Diaz’s iMDB page, we tend to believe Selma when she says Cameron is done with acting because Cameron hasn’t had any roles since she starred in Annie back in 2014.

Back in 2013, Cameron Diaz purchased an apartment in the Walker Tower building in Chelsea, Manhattan, same borough where other A list celebrities live such as Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman and Harrison Ford.

The apartment has three bathrooms, three bedrooms, yoga room, sauna, living room with bar and kitchen. Cameron Diaz, who’s net worth is more than $100 million, paid  no less than $9 million for this apartment.

On a personal note, Cameron Diaz might be done with acting right now, or maybe for another couple of years, but we do believe that – eventually – she’ll return on the big screen because she’s a very talented actress and she loved what she was doing.



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