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Actress Allison Mack

Actress Allison Mack entered a guilty plea in the lawsuit in which she’s charged of recruiting women for the Nxivm sex cult which operated under the front of a mentorship group for women.

Actress Allison Mack appeared in court earlier today and she pleaded guilty on two counts, both regrading the Nxivm sex cult. She admitted to recruiting women telling them they will join a group of mentors. ” I have to take responsibility for what I did” Allison Mack told the judge.

Allison Mack, who is known for her role in the Smallville TV series, is one of the six people to be indicted in the Nxivm sex cult investigation.

What is Nxivm

Nxivm ( pronounced “nexium” ) is a group founded in 1998 which worked as a support group for people who needed mentors. More than 16,000 people benefited from the services of the group, and some of these people was even a former Mexico president and also some Hollywood actresses, including Allison Mack.

On the official website, Nxivm describes itself as being a “community guided by humanitarian principles that tries to help people in difficult situations to find answers to questions about what it means to be a human being”.

Despite appearances, the leader of the cult, Keith Raniere, is now charged by federal prosecutors of creating a pyramid scheme of “masters and slave” inside the group, in which members paid thousands of dollars for classes so they can move up in the chain of the group.

Actress Allison Mack was one of the people tasked with recruiting new members for the group that has become a sex cult. Basically, Allison Mack was recruiting women that were going to be marked with the initials of the Nxivm group leader and to have sex with Keith Raniere.

Allison Mack was allegedly trained by Raniere to collect compromising material and footage of two women in the group so they can be blackmailed if they didn’t kept silent about the Nxivm group.

Keith Raniere was arrested last year in Mexico. He always claimed his innocence saying that the sexual relations between him and the women in the group were consensual. On the other hand, Allison Mack faces charges of sex trafficking, complicity to sex trafficking and hard labor.

Allison Mack will receive her sentence in September of this year and she risks spending up to 20 years in prison for each count.


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