Actor Jim Carrey said on Twitter that he sold his Facebook shares and closed his Facebook account.

The reason why Jim Carrey decided to dump his Facebook shares is that the social network took advantage of Russia’s interference in the 2016 United States elections and that Facebook doesn’t make efforts to stop this phenomenon.

He asked other investors to do the same. ” Now we need investors to send a message to allow responsible oversight” Carrey told CNBC. Jim Carrey has not disclosed how many Facebook shares he sold.

Jim Carrey also said that, over time, America benefited from a geographical advantage with Oceans on both coasts to keep it self, and that now social networks have created cybernetic bridges for those who have other interests. ” No wall will protect us from this” Jim Carrey said.

Facebook admitted that 126 million people saw Russia’s paid Facebook ads, ads created with the purpose of influencing the United States 2016 presidential elections.


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