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British actor Albert Finney, who was nominated five times at the Oscar awards, passed away on Friday at the age of 82.

Albert Finney, mostly known for his roles in “Murder on the Orient Express” and “Erin Brockovich” passed away at his home, at peace, alongside the people closest to him, after a short illness, the family of the actor said in a press release.

Albert Finney was born in Salford, in 1936, and started his career in theater. Finney made his big screen debut in 1960 in the movie “The Entertainer”.

In 1963 Albert Finney starred in “Tom Jones”, a role that brought him his first Oscar nomination.

Then he starred as Hercule Poirot in “Murder on the Orient Express” for which he received his second Oscar nomination for best actor in a supporting role.

Albert Finney also received Oscar  nominations for his role in “The Dresser” and “Under the Volcano” in 1984 and 1985, and in 2001 he received his last Oscar nomination for his supporting role in “Erin Brockovich”, a movie he starred in alongside Julia Roberts.

Although he hasn’t won any Academy Awards, Albert Finney has managed to get the Golden Globe three times.

Albert Finney played other important characters such as Winston Churchill in “The Gathering Storm” in 2002 and most recently he also appeared in “Skyfall” and in two “Jason Bourne” movies.

albert finney as winston churchill
Albert Finney playing Winston Churchill

Albert Finney was married three times. His first wife was Jane Wenham ( 1957 – 1961 ). Anouk Aimee was Albert’s second wife ( 1970 – 1978 ) and in 2006 he got married for the third time to Pene Delmage. His first wife gave him a son, Simon, who also works in the movie industry as a cameraman.

Back in 2011, Albert Finney revealed that he is suffering from kidney cancer.

According to some sources, it appears that Albert Finney died at the Royal Marsden Hospital, a hospital specialized in cancer treatments, because of a chest infection. Sources also say that his son, Simon, and Albert’s third wife, Pene, were alongside him.

On social networks, celebrities and people who have known Albert Finney are paying tribute:


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