Even after the disappointing Transformers: The Last Knight movie ( judging by the gross and reviews ) the Transformers franchise has not been abandoned by Paramount.

This is proven by the recent statement from producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura who confirmed the production of a new Transformers movie ( the sixth of the franchise ). The producer also said that a Bumblebee sequel is also in the works.

The idea to relaunch the Transformers universe after The Last Knight was fueled by the unexpected success of Bumblebee, the first movie of the Transformer franchise that was not directed by Michael Bay ( he served as the producer of the movie ). The Bumblebee movie, with Travis Knight at the helm and Heilee Steinfeld in the leading role has received critical acclaim and grossed $460 million with a budget of approximately $135 million.

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura said that the new Transformers movie will take place after the events of Transformers: The Last Knight. The producer also said that Optimus Prime will also make an appearance in Bumblebee 2.


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