donald and melania trump

The series of weird interactions between U.S. President Donald  Trump and Melania Trump seems like it’s not ending very time soon and we can’t do anything but have fun of the goofs Donald Trump makes.

A most recent goof has recently captured by the camera and it happened during the visit of the Czech prime minister at the White House. Andrej Babies, the prime minister of Czech was captured by the camera arriving at the White House with his wife, Monika Babisova, and they were welcomed by president Donald Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump.

The four saluted each other respectfully and shortly thereafter Donald Trump and Babis headed for the entrance in the White House, forgetting all about their wives.

The reactions of the two ladies were captured by the camera and although the reaction appears to be funny and also annoyed at the same time, the two tried to save the situation entering the White House after their husbands.

This is not the first and surely it won’t be the last time when Donald Trump makes such goofs so all we can do now is watch the videos and have some fun.


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