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The best paid YouTube star in 2019 is an 8 years old kid who made $26 million this year thanks to his YouTube channel which includes videos showing him testing toys.

According to the best paid YouTube stars in 2019 list, published by Forbes, Ryan Kaji’s earnings, who owns the channel named Ryan ToysReview that became Ryan’s World, grew compared to last year from $22 million to $26 million.

Ryan, who was born on October 6, 2011, has approximately 22,9 million subscribers and his videos managed to raise more than 35 billion views.

Ryan’s family launched the YouTube channel in March of 2015, becoming viral after just four months thanks to a video in which Ryan can be seen opening Cars toys from Disney.

His family launched another video focusing on the daily adventures of Ryan and his twin sisters Emma and Kate.

Last year, a chain of toys stores from the United States started to sell an exclusive line of toys and clothes called Ryan’s World.

The second highest earning YouTube channel belongs to a group of friends from Texas who solve apparently impossible challenges.

The third place goes to another child star, Anastasia Radzinskaya, a 5 years old girl from Russia. She earned $18 million this year. Anastasia has two channels: Like Nastya Vlog and Funny Stace. Together she has more than 70 million subscribers and her videos are in Russian, English and Spanish.

The top 10 best paid stars on YouTube list also includes Rhett and Link, with Good Mythical Morning ( $17,5 million ), Jeffree Star ( $17 million ), Preston ( Preston Arsement ) – $14 million, DanTDM ( Daniel Middleton ) – $12 million, VanossGaming ( Evan Fong ) – $11,5 million.

The numbers are based on information from YouTube, Social Blade and Captiv8, as well as data from agencies, managers, producers and lawyers.


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