If you want to become smarter you can always read a book, surround yourself with educated people or, every now and then, you can watch a good movie.

You also need to be pretty selective regarding what you watch: documentaries or educational shows can improve your general knowledge or conversational skills.

However, there are even some movies that will make you smarter. Let’s take a look at them.

8. Inside out

Yes, we know, it’s an animated movie, but we’re also dealing with a metaphor for things that happen when you grow up.

7. Limitless

The movie follows the life of a writer who doesn’t have any good ideas lately and accepts to enroll in a pharmaceutical experiment. He takes a pill called NZT-48 who helps him use his brain at 100%.

6. The Imitation game

The movie depicts the story of Ala Turning, famous mathematician who manages to solve the Enigma, the machine the Nazis used to send coded messages.

5. Memento

This Christopher Nolan movie follows the story of Leonard, a man who suffers from losing his short term memory and has to find out more about his identity.

4. Good Will Hunting

This Academy Award movie depicts happenings from the life of a janitor at MIT who is more than a simple janitor because he is very smart.

3. Primer

Primer is a science fiction movie about two engineers who – by accident – discover the key to time travel.

2. A Beautiful Mind

Inspired by the biography of John Forbes Nash Jr, an economist who won the Nobel prize, the movie explains the discovery of a theory called “Nash’s balance”.

  1. Pi

Written and directed by Darron Aronofsky, the movie covers many interesting topics such as religion and how the universe and math are connected.

So, there you have it, 8 movies that will – indeed – make you smarter after you watch them.

Do you have other suggestions ? If you do, please tell us in the comments section below.


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