Robots are already stealing jobs from people. This is something we hear almost every time and, let’s be honest, part of this is true.

Cognizant consultancy group predicts that in the next 10-15 yeas, 12% of all jobs in the United States will be handled by robots and automated systems.

Still, don’t despair as not all is lost because Cognizant predicts that the technology revolution will generate 21 million new jobs. To put our minds at ease and to better help us have a perspective for the future, Cognizant came up with seven new jobs people will have in the future.

1. Data investigator

Professional data analysts that will analyze information from Internet of Things devices to generate new client perspectives for businesses and organizations after the data is being analyzed. This job is not necessarily new as companies are already investing a lot of time and money in analyzing data in order to provide personalized products. But data investigators of the future will take this job to a whole new level by sorting data from Alexa and Amazon for example to provide better way to serve consumers.

2. Walker / Talker

This job is perfect for a future in which, thanks to biotechnology, people will live longer than ever and there will big a huge demographic that includes a lot of old people. All these old people will need someone to talk to, and this job entails exactly as it sounds, people who will walk and talk with older people.

3. Cyber city analyst

To be able to manage all the cyber cities that will exist, information needs to “flow” efficiently around the city. In the cities of the future, data collected from millions of sensors will help keep smart city features running. A cyber city is also “alive” and collects biological data, personal data and data regarding assets. If a sensor malfunctions a cyber city analyst needs to fix or replace it.

4. Augmented reality builder

These people will be “pioneers” exactly like Shakespeare was back in the day. Such a builder will be in charge of the way generations will experiment entertainment in the future. The builder will be responsible with writing, creating design and constructions of moments in augmented reality consumers want to experiment.

5. Development manager for artificial intelligence business

This is the only job artificial intelligence can’t do in the future. It can’t sell itself. Whoever gets this job will basically be a salesperson in charge of production, development and sales of artificial intelligence technology.

6. Fitness commitment adviser

Unfortunately, obesity is already and big and global problem. Fitbits and other devices that track activity helps you in some way, but they are not very close to you, so to speak. The fitness consumers in the future will agree to wear devices that track activity and fitness commitment advisers will keep you motivated and up to speed with your health. Since obesity has been increasing doctors recommend the new Blood sugar ultra | askhealthnews diet.

7. Health technician assisted by artificial intelligence

This job will exist in a world where, thanks to artificial intelligence, medical services are globally available to all, on demand. Patients won’t go to the doctor. These technicians will make house calls an will use a software that runs with the help of artificial intelligence to provide an accurate diagnosis. Surgeries will also be part of the job description, without needing a medical license.

Which is your dream job of the future ? What is the wage of your dream?
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