halle berry

At the age of 19, Halle Berry was diagnosed with diabetes. After two years of turmoil because of the disease, Halle Berry realized that she has to make major changes and to reinvent her lifestyle.

Halle Berry stopped consuming sugar and bread and started to eat healthy.Her diet includes vegetables and a lot of water, as she told L.A. Times.

“With the help of my diet I tried to manage my diabetes. I try to eat four times a day. I like feeling powerful and strong” Halle Berry told Women & Home South Africa.

Halle Berry’s diet focuses on foods with reduced fat, sugar and processed carbs. Her favorite meals include grilled tuna or mashed potatoes with garlic.

halle berry

When she’s not very busy on the set, Halle Berry drinks a lot of natural protein shakes to boost her energy.

She also likes working out. To stay in shape she does a lot of cardio and three times a week she does a special workout to tone her abs.

Halle Berry is a woman that likes taking care of herself and we can all see that because, at the age of 51, she looks incredible.


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