man murders girlfriend in russia

A 21 years old man from Russia killed his 20 years old girlfriend in cold blood. Over the course of their relationship, the man hit her many times and made multiple death threats.

The two got together a few days ago to talk about their relationship, and the young woman was accompanied by one of her girlfriends. That night they drank 5 bottles of vodka, then the woman’s friend left to get some sleep.

The couple got into a fight and the man got angry and hit the woman in the head with a hammer. The girl blacked out and the man started to torture her by cutting her body with a knife, eventually stabbing her with a pool cue.

In the morning, after he realized what he’s done, the man erased all tracks of the murder. He washed the girl’s body and cleaned up the apartment like nothing has happened. He had no clue what to do with the body so he put the girl’s dead body on the bed. He spent two nights near the girl’s corpse until he finally surrendered to the police.

The man was violent with his girlfriend in the past. He hit her and made death threats many times. Back in november of 2017 the man bit part of her nose off but he managed to avoid jail because the young woman asked the court to forgive him, but this was something that ended up costing her life.



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