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Last week’s tragedy in Christchurch, New Zealand, shocked the entire world. Brenton Tarrant, a man from Australia, broadcasted the attack on the two mosques that took place on Friday, march 15, 2019, on Facebook, during which he killed 50 people.

The New Zealand authorities have banned the video from being distributed, and the law even allows the police to arrest people who post other material regarding this attack on social networks.

A 18 years old man risks spending up to 28 years in jail after he shared the video and published a photo with one of the mosques that were attacked.

A court order protects the identity of the young man who was arrested but the charges against him are very serious. He published a photo along with the comment “target acquired and he is now facing charges for sharing an obscene video and inciting to violence. According to public records, the man incited to violence even through some chat messages. It’s not clear on which network the 18 years old man shared the content, but most likely the social network is Facebook because the attacker broadcasted the attack live on the Facebook social network.

Bail was denied for the 18 years old man and he is set to see a judge on April 8, 2019. If found guilty, the man might spend up to 28 years in prison because censorship legislation in New Zealand is extremely strict. The Government can ban certain materials and viewing and sharing banned content is considered a crime.

The prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, recently said regarding this case that social networks should start taking responsibility for things that are happening on their platforms.


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