nuclear fusion reactor built by 14 years old boy

A 14 years old boy managed to build a nuclear fusion reactor by himself, at home.

Jackson Oswalt from Memphis, United States, is considered to be the youngest person ever to build a nuclear fusion reactor. The boy has studied how a reactor is built at the age of 12, and one year and so later, he created the first fusion.

The reactor was built with parts bought by his parents from the eBay auction site with a total cost of $10,000. The reactor built by Oswalt has managed to make atoms hit themselves with enough force to fusion into a single atom.

The previous record for the youngest person ever to build a nuclear fusion reactor was set by Taylor Wilson.

” I started the process by studying work from other people regarding fusion reactors. Then I made a list of the parts I need, bought them off eBay and modified them to suit by project” Oswalt said.

The boy’s father said he allowed his son to work on this project but made sure the boy is safe through talks Oswalt had with many nuclear fusion specialists on the Open Source Fusor Research Consortium online platform, a platform dedicated to amateur physicists.


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