13 reasons why netflix tv series

13 Reasons Why, a TV series that can be watched on the Netflix streaming service might be the cause why more and more teenagers choose to commit suicide.

The 13 Reasons Why TV series premiered in March of 2017 and the plot of the series revolves around the suicide of a teenage girl. The Netflix series, according to experts, makes teenagers look at suicide from a different perspective.

Experts claim that there might be a connection between the current suicide rate and the 13 Reasons Why TV series.

According to a new study, the suicide rate has increased dramatically in boys with ages between 10 and 17 in the month following the premiere of the 13 Reasons Why TV series. April 2017 was the month with the most suicide in the last five years, within this age group, and the suicide rate went up by 30% in April of 2017. Estimates show that 195 more suicides happened in April of 2017 than it was initially estimated.

On the other hand, the suicide rate in girls with ages between 10 and 17 has not increased significantly. Still, experts expected this demographic group to be the one that identifies the most with the leading character of the 13 Reasons Why TV series.

The study has been published in the Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and, most likely, will create even more debates regarding the 13 Reasons Why TV series available on Netflix.

Suicide is a world wide problem and it is very hard to reduce the suicide rate” Lisa Horowitz, one of the authors of the study said. ” The last thing we need is something to increase the suicide rate” she also added.

The Netflix streaming service announced that the company will also look into this issue. Unlike other studies, researchers considered the season differences between suicide rates. They verified the data for many years and have not noticed a discontinuity for other years besides 2017.


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