Whip out your Apple Pencil and try out the 20 best iPad Pro drawing apps

Although nothing can truly replace a good piece of paper or sheet of canvas for an artist, the iPad Pro comes incredibly close to bringing digital art up to the same level as analog art creation. The larger screen opens the iPad Pro to new levels of artistry and turns a fun sketching tool into a serious creative tool. Designed from the ground up with the Apple Pencil in mind, the iPad Pro is the ultimate digital canvas and the Pencil is its most versatile tool.

Luckily, there are scores of drawing apps on the App Store, and many of them have already been optimized for the Pro’s big screen and pencil’s fine-point tip. Here are 11 of our favorite iPad Pro drawing apps, and some we’re looking forward to using soon.

Astropad ($22)

Astropad pairs your iPad Pro with a Mac and turns your tablet into a dedicated drawing slate. It’s meant for professional creatives who use applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator. The app is even optimized for the iPad Pro to showcase improved image quality, reduced latency, a custom pressure curve specifically designed for the Apple Pencil, and support for tilt with the stylus. The latest update offers advanced stroke tuning for removing stray points and providing strokes with the Pencil, which means you only see what you intend to draw. It’s the ultimate drawing app for professional illustrators, comic book artists, and anyone who’s ever wanted a Wacom tablet. It does cost $20, but that easily beats the price of professional drawing slates.

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