Tyka Nelson, Prince’s Sister, Will Inherit Prince’s $800 Million Fortune

The recent death of Prince, who died at the age of 57 in Minnesota, is the most debated topic in the media right now. This is why every day we’re getting new details about him and about who is going to inherit the singer’s fortune. By all accounts, the fortune of Prince will be inherited by his sister, Tyka Nelson.

Tyka Nelson, who recently dyed her hair purple, most likely to honor her brother, was seen by the paparazzi while she was leaving the funeral home. Tyka refused to talk to the media and she drove away.

The paparazzi are now following Tyka Nelson everywhere because, by all accounts, she might inherit Prince’s entire fortune and copyright rights. If Prince hasn’t signed a valid will, according to the law in Minnesota, the singer’s fortune will go to his sister, Tyka.


Prince and Tyka became very close in the last few years especially after Tyka shacked off her addition to cocaine. A few years back Tyka confessed that drugs pushed her to prostitution because she didn’t had money to raise her two sons, Sir Montece Laeil Nelson and President LenNard Laeil Nelson.

According to recent sources, Prince’s net worth is $300 million. We also have to consider the recent sales that exploded after his death, plus the confidential sum of money Prince received after he signed the exclusive contract with Tidal. Moreover, Prince’s music catalogue is worth approximately $800 million, according to Prince’s former manager.

So, Tyka is all set to inherit a $800 million fortune.

What do you think she’s gonna do with all that money ?

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  • Tyka Nelson used to be addicted to drugs in the past. Now she will inherit Prince’s entire fortune. She couldn’t afford to raiser her children due to financial problems. My concern is that she will burn through Prince’s entire fortune very fast, in a matter of years.

    I hope this is not the case and I hope she has become more responsible now that she’s clean and not using drugs anymore