New Theory: Was Tutankhamun’s tomb built for a woman ?

The pharaoh started to get attention after his tomb was discovered back in 1922.

A new theory suggests that the famous tomb was not initially designed for Tutankhamun. Two experts claim that the tomb of Tutankhamun was actually built for a woman. Their statement is based on the design of the room and on clues found on the golden funeral mask.

These theories suggest that the Queen Nefertiti was buried in this tomb or, at least, it has some meaningful connection with her.

Tutankhamun was an Egyptian pharaoh and he ruled Egypt between 1332 – 1323 B.C. He died suddenly, at the age of 18, under mysterious circumstances.

Chris Naunton , the director of the Egyptian Exploration Society says:

One of the first things you notice when you enter the tomb is that you went down and you have to turn right. This is unusual for such a tomb because, in most cases, the pharaoh tomb can be located after you turn left.

In Ancient Egypt, left was a symbol of masculinity. The only tomb built during that time that requires a visitor to turn right was built for a female pharaoh: queen Hatshepsut.

Chris Naunton suggests that the overall look and feel of the tomb suggests that it was built for a woman.

All clues suggest that Tutankhamun was buried in a room that was initially created for a very important woman and this is not the first time when such a theory is launched.


British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves from the University of Arizona said that Tutankhamun’s tomb is too small for a pharaoh and that, most likely, it was resized when he died.

DNA tests done on the mummy revealed that Tutankhamun was suffering from malaria, while CT scans revealed that he probably died of Kohler’s disease.

Nicholas Reeves thinks that Nefertiti’s tomb is nearby the tomb of Tutankhamun and might explain why there is a right turn close to the entry. Researchers think that there is a 90% probability for the tomb of Tutankhamun to contain at least one, if not two, hidden cameras.

Do you believe this theory ?

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