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The risky business of Trump the twittering president

US President Donald Trump is unprecedented in a lot more ways than could be listed in 140-characters.

But his prolific and unpredictable use of Twitter is one difference that marks him out from presidents past — a long term habit, via his personal Twitter account, which he shows few if any signs of moderating, either in volume or style, since taking up office as the Leader of the Free World at the end of last week…

Nor has he suspended use of his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account now that he also controls the official @POTUS account, with its 14.3M followers (vs Trump’s 21.9M). This is in stark contrast to President Obama who communicated solely via the official presidential Twitter channel during his eight years in office — returning to his personal Twitter account only after he’d left office.

No such clearly delineated communication lines for President Trump. Not only is Trump continuing to tweet from both accounts (at least for now), he’s been using @POTUS to RT tweets from his personal Twitter account.

So even though the president is not personally writing all @POTUS tweets himself — Dan Scavino, his director of social media, is named as the writer there (and the few @POTUS tweets Trump types himself are signed “DJT”) — a steady stream of @realDonaldTrump’s tone is being injected into the official…

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