The Real Reason Why The Flappy Bird Game Was Pulled

The Flappy Bird creator, Dong Nguyen, granted an exclusive interview for Forbes magazine in which he spoke about the real reason why he decided to remove the popular Flappy Bird game from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

According to Dong Nguyen, the game was too addictive so he made the decision of removing it and he says that his decision is final as he won’t release the game again.

Nguyen, who has been developing other popular games for mobile platforms, said that he never received threats from Nintendo and said that Nintendo had nothing to do with his decision of removing the game from app stores.

He also added that if other games he developed become just as addictive, he will also remove them from app stores in a heart beat.


Dong Nguyen also says pulling the app from app stores was not a mistake.

The popularity of the Flappy Bird game might have been too much for Nguyen and he only granted the Forbes interview with the condition that no photos of him should be taken. According to recent reports, the developer has received death threats because of his decision to remove the game.

Dong Nguyen has refused to mention the amount of money he earned with the Flappy Bird game however analysts suggest that the developer earned at least $50,000 / day from in app – advertising.

Have you downloaded the  Flappy Bird game from app stores before it was pulled ?

Are you still playing it ? Do you find it addictive ?

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  • I guess he was too sensitive to make it rich and not feel troubled by the 50,000 dollars a day he was making. Wish I could make that much a day