The ship found under the World Trade Center is a true treasure

One of the most terrible terrorist attacks took place in the United States of America, on September 11, 2001, killing thousands of Americans.

The world was in shock. After the attack, special teams have started to work in the area in order to prepare the site for the building of One World Trade Center, which has become the tallest building in the United States after it was finalized last year.

During the cleaning and excavation process, in 2010, workers found something very interest: a piece of a ship. The piece was buried approximately 7 meters in the ground. Happily, the dig site was monitored by archeologists and the work was immediately stopped. Now the origin of the ship that was buried under the World Trade Center has been unveiled.


Archeologists have gathered wood samples from the ship’s hull and found that the ship was built at the end of the 1700’s, the same period when the Declaration of Independence has been signed. The analysts was conducted by the Tree Ring lab in Columbia. Scientists analyzed he data and, following detailed research they were able to discover when the ship was built. The results show that the ship was built in a naval yard in Philadelphia, in 1773.


The wood that was used to build the ship also originates in Philadelphia. The ship was built from the same wood as Independence Hall, the building where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America were signed.

The “Manhattan Ship” is a very important discover because it provides a remarkable perspective into the science of building American ships.


Although strange, there is a perfectly valid explication as to why the ship was buried under the World  Trade Center. When Manhattan was started to grow, the river Hudson was passing through the place where the World Trade Center was built. That entire area was under water and this can be seen on maps of the area from the 18th century.

As Manhattan grew ever larger, the people needed land to build more buildings. To answer these needs, people have started to populate the area around the river Hudson. At this time it is uncertain whether the ship sank because of an accident or intentionally.

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