Safe method to hide your files in Windows

In case you want to hide some of your files and you are using the Windows operating system, you can use this very secure and easy method to do so.

It’s no longer a secret that everybody can unveil hidden files in Windows. In the last version a user has to click on View and then on Options to gain access to the settings and from the View section the user can see the option that allows Windows to display hidden folders and files. As such, users need a safer way to hide files.

Well, such a feature is available in Windows and it is accessible to everybody as all you have to do is type a very short command in Command Prompt. To start Command Prompt, hit R while you also hold the Windows button. Type cmd.exe and hit Enter. Here you will have to type the command, which is similar to the one below:

attrib +s +h “C:\Users\your-user-name\Desktop”

The code above is just an example. It’s not exactly a good idea to hide a file on the Desktop. So, the path must be replaced with the path of the file and folder you want to hide.


With the help of the “attrib” command you told your computer that the file is important for the operating system and it can only be displayed if you uncheck the Hide Protected operating system files option.

This method is more efficient than the classic method because, many times, noisy users do not consider the fact that someone might try to hide a file by making it a protected system file.

Do you like this method of hiding important files ?

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