MIT raises $5 billion to make the world a better place

One of the most popular universities in the world, MIT, decided to make the world a better place through some new projects that need five billion dollars in order to happen.

Part of a very ambitious project called Campaign for a Better World, MIT has started a project to raise funds to solve some of the most pressing problems of the 21th century. They are very varied and they cover a wide range of interests.

Overall, MIT needs five billion dollars and so far the university has raised approximately $2,6 billion shortly after the campaign was initiated. To clearly detail the destinations of the funds, MIT officials have divided them in six categories.

For starters, MIT will begin with fundamental research to analyze and fix aging of the human brain, exoplanets and interaction between proteins. The second priority is aimed at ecological problems such as sustainable resource management and viable solutions for global warming.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Spring
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The third category includes project that will find innovating treatments for serious health conditions. Some of the money will be used to fund entrepreneurial projects initiated by students.

According to the president of MIT, L. Rafael Raif, humanity is dealing with a few important challenges, and their solution is combining some advanced technological tools and finding scientific methods to solve them. The president says that MIT is launching this project to make the world a better place.

What are you doing to make the world a better place ?

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