Match’s new feature shows you who crossed paths with in the real world

Match is rolling out a new feature that will help its dating app customers see who they’ve crossed paths with in the real world, and say “hi” if they’re interested in chatting. The opt-in feature called “Missed Connections” takes advantage location-based services on the user’s’ phone, but is designed in a way to ensure user privacy, Match says.

That is, Missed Connections doesn’t offer your real-data location data to others. Instead, members who passed each other by are only shown this information after the fact. In addition, members can block other users, if they are uncomfortable. Those users will then be removed from the system until their case is reviewed.

Missed Connections also doesn’t show your precise past location to others. In other words, it won’t show that you passed someone by at the “Starbucks on Madison,” but rather shows an intersection point within one block (e.g. “Prince and Broadway”) as well as how many times you’ve crossed paths with that person.


A spokesperson tells us that you’ll be able to see who you crossed paths within “just a few hours,” however, which gives the feature some feeling of immediacy. You can then click on a user and connect with them through Match’s existing messaging feature.

Because messaging is only open to paid members, Missed Connections is also a feature only for Match’s paid subscribers.

The idea of connecting with someone you spotted in real life, but didn’t speak to, has been a longtime staple of newspapers’ classified ads. But in more recent years, startups have…

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