Five amazing lakes in the United States where you can swim

Fresh water lakes often contain little fish and they are surrounded by trees and vegetation which helps prevent erosion.

This makes lakes the perfect locations for a picnic, relaxation or even swimming and below you’ll find five lakes in the United States where you can go relax, have a great time, and even go out for a swim.

Pyramid Lake

The Pyramid Lake, California, is located in the “Angeles and Los Padres” national forest and you can go camping, you can go out for a picnic, for a boat ride, and fishermen can try their luck fishing trout, catfish, and carp.


Flathead lake, Montana

Flathead lake is the biggest natural place west of the river Mississippi. It is a gorgeous lake and the perfect destination for some peace and quiet and the temperature in the summer is just right for a swim.

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Emerald Lake

Hikers can find Emerald Lake in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The park has a 1,8 miles route which leads tourists to the lake. The lake can be cold, but it gets warmer due to climate change.


Tettegouche Lake

You should definitely visit this lake in Minnesota. Tourists can go on walks, can climb on rocks, can watch the birds and, of course, they can also swim.


Lake Tahoe

With a depth of 501 meters, Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States of America and the tenth deepest lake in the world.

It is one of the best destinations if you are seeking some peace, quiet and relaxation and the water is just fine for a swim in August or September.

Shore of Lake Tahoe

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