Canadian Woman dives into the lake because of GPS error

A 23 years old woman from Tobermory, Ontario, ended up in the lake after her GPS device malfunctioned at night.

Happily, the woman managed to exit the car through the window before the car sank. According to medical professionals, the driver suffered no injuries and she avoided hypothermia although the water was very cold. She was driving a Toyota Yaris.

The authorities have not disclosed what type of GPS the woman was using. The woman also refused to give interviews to the media.

This is not the first time this year when drivers fully trust the GPS and they end up in dangerous situations. In March of this year a tornado hit Rowlett , Texas and damaged multiple houses. A company called Billy L. Nabors Demolition was hired to demolish one of the homes, a home that was damaged beyond repairs. The employees of the company received the address in Google Maps and they went on to do the job.

Unfortunately, Google Maps directed them to a home nearby the damaged house. The team did not noticed the error because the home they arrived at was also a bit damaged by the tornado, so they demolished it.

Do you fully trust your GPS when on the road ?


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  • The way I see it.. This has nothing to do with gps or navigation, you have to pay attention when you’re on the road! That’s just an excuse that came out of her mouth when the police arrived im sure.