Amazing Apps That Will Change Our Lives

Technology used by Governments to spy on citizens, aggressive advertising tactics, frauds and hacking attacks have negatively affected the overall image of technology lately.

However, the way technology is being used in our day to day lives and the value it brings is undeniable. Technology is a platform that generates some of the most innovative ideas.

FoxNews has selected a few apps that proves that technology is still perfectly capable of amaze us.

Let’s take a look at some apps that will change our lives, for the better, of course.

Vyclone is an app that cleverly uses the videos that are available on the Internet. Vyclone combines different perspectives of the same event and creates an unique video that can be viewed from multiple angles.

The app is free and it is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices.

The Vyclone App
The Vyclone App

While Google is putting a lot of effort – and resources – into building the self driving vehicle, the smartphone can already do many of the complex features the new technology will come with.

One of the newest apps for drivers is iOnRoad. After you activate it, the smartphone can be “glued” on your windshield with the help of the accessories sold by the manufacturer. You will get a combination between a GPS, black box and assistance system.

Hands on with the iOnRoad personal driving assistant

The app notifies you if you’re getting to close to the vehicle in front of you and even takes a photo of the place you parked your vehicle so you can find it easier.

The free version is only available for Android devices.

Another amazing app is Cycloramic, which can create panoramic photos and videos by cleverly using your smartphone’s vibration feature. In order to work, your smartphone must be placed on a plane surface. Once you start the app, it will slowly rotate your device in order to create the panoramic photo or video.

iPhone 5 automatically rotates using Cycloramic App

Cycloramic works on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 and it costs approximately $5.

GlassOff is an app that helps users improve their eye sight. The app is based on a technique call “perceptual learning” for reproducing or even making your reading glasses useless.

GlassesOff is only available for Apple smartphones, at a price of $10.

The GlassesOff app cdan train your brain to improve your vision.

Do you know other amazing apps with the potential of changing our lives for the better ?

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